Pack water.

Plan accordingly for weather. If there is rain predicted, it can be very effective to still do the walk and experience the gloomy weather alongside Jesus’ final hours – just bring umbrellas and raincoats.

Bring Bibles or printed readings. You may want to bring a Bible (or multiple Bibles) to read from, or you can print copies from Bible Gateway here. (The passages are already typed in at this link; simply choose which version you would like, and print.)

If you begin with a meal at a restaurant:
– Add roughly an hour to your total time, bringing the estimate to two hours.
– As followers of Jesus, be kind to your servers. If you are bringing a group larger than 4, call ahead or make reservations. And remember: they will know we are Christians by our tips.

If you don’t begin with a meal,¬†food can still be incorporated into the walk. At the beginning stop (“the Upper Room”), share crackers, bread, or even the sacrament of communion to begin. At stop #5 (“Herod’s Palace”), share grapes or other fruits (fresh or dried) and talk about the richness of Pilate’s and Herod’s living quarters, and how different they are from Jesus’ life and final days.

If you are walking with children:
– 2.5 miles is a long walk for many kids. Invite parents to pack strollers or hiking backpacks as needed.
– Some kids will show playful energy during the walk. Encourage them to be themselves; although the content of the walk is serious, they do not have to be so at every moment.